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    Q. How long has Big Hitters been in business?  
      a.10+ Years. The owners of Big Hitters started doing business in 1991, offering traditional dating phone line services out of their offices in Denver, Colorado. Big Hitters moved to sunny California in 1997 and later launched our first commercial web site program over labor day weekend in May of 1997. 

    Q. Does Big Hitters charge a minimum fee to get started?  
      a.Yes. Our minimum one-time programming fee is $99 for our monthly web site special. Most of our turnkey web site programs cost less than $500.00 in one-time programming fees. 

    Q. How long does it take to get started?  
      a.Most turnkey web site programs will be ready for business within 3 days from receipt of your paid order. Custom web site production can take anywhere from 14-28 days for completion. House versions of adult prepaid cards are shipped the next day from receipt of your paid order. Custom prepaid card production can take anywhere from 14-28 days for completion. 

    Q. How much money does the average person make per month?  
      a.This is the hardest question to answer, as we have seen some customers earn great sums of money every month, while other customers with the same exact type of web sites make nothing, and what's the difference between them? One thing, effective advertising.  

    Q. Does Big Hitters guarantee I will make money?  
      a.No. It is impossible to guarantee how much money you may may make, or how long it may take to make it. We do not offer any type of "get rich quick" business opportunity. 

    Q. What is Big Hitters refund policy?  
      a.Big Hitters follows a strict no-refund policy, both on purchase of web sites and adult prepaid cards.  

    Q. Is Internet porn legal?  
      a.Yes. All images, videos, and any other viewable content found on any web site owned and/or hosted by Big Hitters is in full compliance with United States' 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record Keeping Requirements law, and only displays content from models that are over 18yrs. old. 

    Q. Do I need a business license?  
      a.There is no known business license required to operate any of the web sites offered by Big Hitters. Depending on local laws and regulations, it is possible that you may be required to hold a sellers-permit or similar business license when selling adult prepaid cards to retailers and/or consumers. 

    Q. Can I track my sales online and when do I get paid?  
      a.You will be able to track both the hits and sales coming to your web site 24/7, 365 days a year. Payment is made to you directly by the corporate sponsor of each affiliate program you will be marketing. Please refer to our service agreement for the exact payout dates of each affiliate program. 

    Q. Does Big Hitters belong to the Better Business Bureau?  
      a.No. The Better Business Bureau does not offer membership to any company offering adult entertainment services. Despite our being a non-member, they do maintain a reliability report on Big Hitters online, verifying our time in business and the positive manner in which we respond to their inquiries. 

    Q. What about negative reports found on RipOffReport or other blogs?  
      a.Sound-off type web sites or blogs like should not be trusted entriely. We have read and responded to negative posts made by numerous people that never even did business with our company, but rather disaprove of our adult offerings and want to discredit our industry. 

    Q. Will Big Hitters help me to advertise my web site?  
      a.We do offer search engine submission services for a fee, plus paid banner advertising on independently owned adult portals, which can really help to get a good amount of name recognition to your web site, but does not guarantee any specific amount of sales. 

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  • None of the opportunties offered by Big Hitters are to be considered "get rich quick" programs. 
  • Each of Big Hitters programs have been proven to earn substantial profits for some, while earning little to nothing for others. 
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  • All models appearing on this web site were over 18yrs. of age at the time of production. 
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